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Ambassador CBD Products

Ambassador Flight Box

New to CBD oil? Or not sure which oil works best for you?

This four-part combination provides an opportunity to find the products that best fits your needs without having to buy a full bottle.

High-Strength Topical

Free of pesticides, gmo’s, and never tested on animals, our topical contains various ingredients that promote and support skin health.

Best For: People of all lifestyles experiencing muscle or joint discomfort.

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Imported From Colombia | Rionegro

Elevated to guide you down a daily path of lower, more manageable feelings and emotional stress and anxiety levels.

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Imported From Jamaica | Trelawny

Increase your focus, workflow, and daily regime with our non-flavored, fast-acting, THC free Trelawny oil.

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Imported From Colombia | Medellin

Alluring. Distinguished. Authentic. It’s mild taste and scent make for a more approachable application for those seeking to maximize their daily wellness routine and manage their sleep cycle.

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